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Dreamy Sampled Lofi Synth Engine

Coming Soon.

AetherFlute offers a wide palette of sounds, including lush pads that envelop the listener, bright plucks that sparkle through any mix, warm keys that provide a comforting embrace, and rich bass tones that underpin compositions with depth and warmth.


The instrument has extensive customization options, allowing you to sculpt the perfect sound for layering in cinematic scores, adding nostalgic touches to synthwave, or crafting dreamy lofi beats. The UI design is engineered for ease of use. Elevate your sound with AetherFlute, where every note offers an invitation to explore new sonic landscapes. Perfect for musicians and producers seeking to add a touch of magic to their projects.


• Two layers of samples with independent volume and panning control

• Modulation, lo-fi, delay, and chorus effects knobs

• ADSR controls


Note: requires the full version of Kontakt 6. The free Kontakt player will function, but has a 15 minute demo timeout.

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