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Mastering Snare Drum Compression: Ultimate Guide to Punchy Sound

Snare Drum Compression

Compression is one of the most essential tools for mixing a snare drum. Whether you’re looking to create a punchy snare or a fat snare or dabbling in specific genres like hip hop, EDM, or rock, understanding how to compress your snare drum is paramount. So, let’s dive in and explore how to use compression […]

How to Make Trap Beats

It’s common for every music producer to take their own route when it comes to making beats, but there are still a few staple techniques that most people use when making trap beats. A widely popular genre, trap music generally comes with a signature sound. Yet, it’s also open to influence from many other genres. […]

Best Vocoder VST Plugins: 13 Picks for Producers (Free & Paid)

Vocal Synth 2

The vocoder is one of the most sought after effects used in the recording studio when searching for new sounds and timbres. Over the last forty years, artists like Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Imogen Heap, and Phil Collins have all used the vocoder on recordings. The vocoder used to be a hardware-only (analog) instrument, integrated into a synthesizer. […]

5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Recording Drums

Ludwig drum set with microphones in a studio

Recording drums is one of the most challenging tasks you face as a recording engineer. Even professionals find recording the drums a challenge. This article shows you five pitfalls to avoid if you want a great drum recording. 1. Having no set goal at the start I’m speaking on behalf of all the producers/engineers out […]

Cranborne Audio 500ADAT Review

Cranborne Audio 500ADAT Review

In the middle of last year, I decided it was time to go all in on a 500 series rack—something I could implement quickly into my current infrastructure. I first thought of going more budget-friendly with something like a Radial Workhorse. It’s affordable, and many people swear by it.  I then had an issue. How could […]